The key to your best results from your massage sessions lies in knowing how much time you and your body need. So, how much time do YOU need? To find out, watch the video above! Below, I’ve included some helpful guidelines.

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…better understand how much time you’ll want to book for your massage, read the description of each treatment.

30 Minutes

The Spot Treatment Massage

Focuses on ONE area of concentration. For example, “upper body” (head, neck, back, arms, and hands).

Office Visit $ 65

Outcall Visit $ 165

60 Minutes

The Zone Massage

Focuses on 2-3 areas of concentration. This is NOT a full body massage.

Office Visit $ 115

Outcall Visit $ 215

90 Minutes

The Full Body Massage

In this session there is enough time to complete a thorough full body massage.

Office Visit $ 165

Outcall Visit $ 265

2 Hour

The Luxury Full Body Massage

The ultimate in relaxation, release, and restoration!
This massage allows amply TLC in areas such as your scalp, hands, and feet.

Office Visit $ 215 or Outcall Visit $ 315

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