It’s official. The Neck Work Expert has raving fans!
See what these amazing women have to say about working with Yvonne…

quoteI always feel very well taken care of when I see Yvonne. I’m addicted to feeling so good! I’m a lot calmer, feeling more aligned… What sets Yvonne apart from other massage therapists is her consistency and visibility… she is a well established, credible massage therapist” – Michelle Maher Ford

quoteYvonne knew exactly where to go in my body – and where to stay. She finds the right technique to suit the person… She is very thorough because she asks all the right questions BEFORE she works on you.”
– Starla Fortunato

quoteProfessionally, Yvonne’s full of integrity. She does everything to accommodate her clients. Personally, she’s an amazing woman.” – Dr. Nimira Alibhoy

quoteI have knots in my shoulders and back. Unlike other massage therapists, I don’t have to tell Yvonne where I hurt. I just lay down on the table and she gets right at it. She just knows!” – Barbra Stover

quoteThe first time I came to see Yvonne, I was about eight months pregnant… She was the first masseuse I came across who had the actual proper pregnancy pad. What that told me about her was that she thinks about and takes care of everything… I’ve never had anybody spend the kind of time or do the things to my neck that Yvonne does! I came in feeling like a crumpled up piece of paper. She puts my body back together again – every time!” – Tara Strand

quoteYvonne does stuff to your neck that releases things in the rest of your body. I feel rejuvenated and renewed when I leave her… I now consider Yvonne to be one of my necessary business expenses.” – Giavanni Washington

quoteYvonne’s able to feel and intuit what’s happening in your body. She brings the words to what you’re trying to let go of.” – Tish Hicks

quoteMy husband and I both get 90 minute full body massages from Yvonne. She’s a genius at neck and upper back. The results are long-lasting! You walk away with the feeling that your muscles know they’ve been satiated.” – Evelyn Alexander

quoteYvonne reads my body. She knows where to push and where not to push. I feel like I’m being taken care of.” – Lorenda Phillips

quoteMy neck doesn’t hurt. I feel younger. And I can work out longer!” – Mimi Donaldson