Play To Win Podcast EP9 RJ Redden: Deeply Connecting with Authentic Marketing That Converts.

RJ Redden: Deeply Connecting with Authentic Marketing That Converts


In this episode, Yvonne and RJ discuss:

  • How to stop alienating people online by designing bots for your business
  • How to gauge and engage your audience
  • How to successfully start your bots in three simple steps
  • How to share and include everyone interacting with your work.


Key Takeaways:

  • Believing in your talents and passions will bring you fulfillment and happiness.
  • Share your work with people who are excited and uplifted by what you bring to the table.
  • Embrace the people who share your business, open your business up to every person’s lifestyle.
  • Reaching out and connecting with people will uplift you and increase your joy in your business.

“Be powerful over your technology. To use it as a tool and not be run by it.” — RJ Redden

Resources For Vitality Nation From RJ Redden:

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Connect with RJ Redden:


About RJ Redden: Entrepreneurs hire me to set fire to marketing methods that no longer work… Because most can’t get found online to save their lives. So I create messages that connect, build relationships, and close deals. Bottom Line: Torch what isn’t working and join the Messenger Marketing revolution!

RJ Redden is the go-to messenger bot strategist that Entrepreneurs turn to for effective and affordable marketing strategies.  She has taught her systems and strategies to all levels of business owners from those struggling to get started to 7 figure business owners and industry leaders.  RJ has shared the stage with industry leaders who interview her on her expertise to empower their communities to embrace bots to decrease frustration and increase results in record time.

She helps entrepreneurs set up messaging systems that streamline their processes of communicating their knowledge and expertise.  These systems segment potential customers and clients so that EVERYONE is served most effectively, at the highest level, and in the shortest time.  With the correct messenger bot strategy your customers or clients are getting what they need when they need it and in the way, they can utilize it!


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