EP7 Petia Kolibova: Create a Life That Feels Fulfilling on The Inside

Petia Kolibova: Create a Life That Feels Fulfilling on The Inside

In this episode, Yvonne and Petia discuss:

-Being strong minded in your life to attain fulfillment.

– How to live the life you want because you deserve it.

– How core values can shape your understanding of yourself.

-Learning to be unapologetic about who you are.

-How to be congruent in personal values while building your social media.


Key Takeaways:

-Being your best self is a process, know how to invest your time and energy into your life.

-You can’t base your self-worth on the approval of others.

-Don’t spend your energy on those who don’t appreciate you or your time.

-You must be proactive, go out and find people that align with your values.

“Give first what you want to get.” — Petia

About Petia Kolibova: 

Petia Kolibova is a meditation teacher, fitness and wellness expert, and lifestyle entrepreneur. As a body-love advocate and lifestyle entrepreneur, she coaches WOMEN, through a proven system of mind, body, and soul transformation that allows them to create a life that feels fulfilling on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside.

Connect with Petia:

Twitter: @Petia702

Instagram: @Be.Strong.Minded

Website: Bestrongminded.com

Facebook: Petia.Kolibova

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