Play To Win Podcast EP6 Kevin Pittman: Reclaim Your Brain to Optimize Cognitive Function

EP6 Kevin Pittman: Reclaim Your Brain to Optimize Cognitive Function


In this episode, Yvonne and Kevin discuss:

  • How to go from Brain Fog to Optimal Cognitive Function.
  • What creates brain fog and signs and symptoms you can see in your life to see if you have brain fog.
  • How inflammation affects your brain, which then effects the rest of your body and life.
  • How to get rid of brain fog and, if you’re on the way to it, how to prevent brain fog.
  • White fat versus brown fat and how they affect the body.
  • The power of cold exposure.


Key Takeaways:

  • Inflammation is the biggest cause for most chronic illness many people are facing right now. We can fight inflammation.
  • Whatever you believe is going to dictate the feelings you create.
  • Watch the types of fats that you consume and know what you are putting into your body.
  • When it comes to learning, it has to do with your drive, motivation, brain health, and how deep your need is for the information.
  • Drink a lot more water, and drink it before your morning caffeine.



“The primary function that we’ve seem to lost touch with in our modern society, is that we are built to adapt. That is the number one function of a living organism, especially a human being. We are the most adaptive creatures on the planet. Your entire body is wired, at the very deepest core of your DNA, to adapt to its environment.” — Kevin Pittman


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About Kevin Pittman:

Kevin Pittman is a certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Biohacker, and Human Optimization Specialist. He has helped clients overcome issues like arthritis, obesity, suicide, anxiety, and much more. He has devoted his life to discovering the full potential of what humans are capable of and how to create the life of ultimate experience. His discoveries in the capabilities of the body and mind have led to a beautiful new understanding of human capacity for growth, rapid change, and peak performance, shattering the limits of what we have thought possible. Kevin spends his days helping his clients overcome their psychological and physical blocks, allowing them to unleash their full potential and create the life they desire. Kevin is also the creator of the Biohacking Breakthrough Weekend, a life-changing event that teaches you how to tap into the natural patterns in your Neurology, Biochemistry, and Physiology to disrupt the limits of the status quo and elevate you to a new level of human potential.


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