Play To Win Podcast EP26 Alexander W. Ford: Mission Possible! Empower Genius By Transcending Entitlement.

EP26 Alexander W. Ford: Mission Possible! Empower Genius By Transcending Entitlement.


In this episode, Yvonne and Alexander discuss:

  • Transcending entitlement and employing an all-inclusive tech and online strategy.
  • Being a leader, not just gaining followers.
  • The shift in attention from television and billboards to mobile devices.
  • Implementation – not just plan and strategy.
  • Investing wisely in the most appropriate thing to move your business forward.


Key Takeaways:

  • We are going to earn, in some way, the results we create in our life.
  • If you do not exist in the space where your client places their attention, then you do not exist to that person.
  • What we believe is important is what we believe is most missing.
  • Fulfillment is the thing that offsets wanting to give up because of challenge
  • Everything takes longer than you think.



“The life I want to live is directly proportionate to the value that I am able to create for other people. ~ Alexander W. Ford



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About Alexander W. Ford:

Since the age of 12, Alexander has been an entrepreneur. Back then, it was building websites. Today, Alexander is the President and CEO of Measurable Genius, a million-dollar managed services company that fulfills IT, business strategy, video production, online marketing, and everything in-between.


A polymathic systems thinker, Alexander is able to analyze any problem, no matter how sophisticated, and identify multiple paths to a solution. Because of his depth of experience in multiple disciplines and areas of business specialization, he is able to prioritize and triage those solutions in a way no specialized consultant ever could. This unique approach enables Alexander to work with business owners of all sizes and complexities, to transform all varieties of challenges in their business into opportunities to fulfill their mission. His endless curiosity and tireless work ethic means that he is always building new solutions for his clients.


Alexander complements this with his deep and intimate study of human behavior. A student of some of the greatest minds on Earth, Alexander is deeply familiar with the unconscious and conscious processes that move the human spirit and inspire prioritized action. By imparting this knowledge onto others, Alexander is able to guide individuals into identifying what is most truly important to them and how they can use that information to build a life of gratitude and meaning.


It is impossible to walk away from a conversation with Alexander without coming to a deeper understanding of something…and thanks to his vast breadth of knowledge, that “something” can be anything.


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