EP25 Jena Rodriguez: Embrace Your Power! Evolving The Ego Into A Brave Master.

EP25 Jena Rodriguez: Embrace Your Power! Evolving The Ego Into A Brave Master.

In this episode, Yvonne and Jena discuss:

  • Why being an Entrepreneur is NOT the easy way, but the BRAVE WAY
  • How listening to your Gut and following it with Faith is your access to “Getting Your Brave On” and living in inspiration
  • Pessimism is a habit you can overcome by becoming your own Brave Master
  • The 10 Core Values to becoming a Brave Master
  • The power of decisiveness

Key Takeaways:

  • There are two types of brave: brave by survival and brave by choice
  • Brave is a journey, not a one and done. You have to continue to choose brave
  • Practice what you read, what you hear, what you believe
  • If you’re going to up-level yourself, you have to up-level those around you
  • Brave has a ripple effect

“Brave is multiple things: it’s living consciously, it’s being able to take action despite the fear, it’s being able to say ‘yes!’ to yourself even without all the evidence, it’s being able to trust your inner guru.”
~ Jena Rodriguez


Resources From Jena Rodriguez:

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3] Jena’s Brave Masters Facebook Group
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About Jena Rodriguez:

Jena Rodriguez is a Business, Brave & Visibility Strategist, Speaker, and founder of Brave Masters, Inc. who’s committed to accelerating your visibility, catapulting profits and unleashing the full human potential of entrepreneurs internationally. Jena teaches coaches and consultants how to capitalize on their “natural” abilities and package and price their greatest strengths so that they can create a money-making, world-changing movement.

Over the last decade as an entrepreneur, Jena’s learned that the ONE thing needed to reach our fullest potential in life and in business is BRAVE. Being brave is about saying YES without evidence, moving through fear, and being uncomfortable yet doing it anyways! By getting her BRAVE on, Jena was able to move from charging $89/hour to generating over $1.3 million in revenue over the last four and a half years.

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