EP24 Marlene Allen: Quantum Activation. Reverse Aging And Reignite Your Life.

EP24 Marlene Allen: Quantum Activation. Reverse Aging And Reignite Your Life. 

In this episode, Yvonne and Marlene discuss:

  • What Quantum Healing is and how it works.
  • Marlene’s story and how she came to be the miracle worker she is.
  • Living a lifestyle where you honor your adrenals.
  • Letting go of anything that is not you.
  • Benefits and side effects of quantum activation.
  • There’s no fear in growing old, it’s not hopeless.

Key Takeaways:

  • Start the healing now! It’s never too late to improve, but it’s better to start now!
  • If your root chakra is not clear, what energy is coming up into your second – creative – chakra? The third? The fourth? The fifth? The sixth? The seventh?
  • Your energy centers are associated with the endocrine glands in your body – everything is integrally connected.
  • Quantum is nonlocal, it works from anywhere.
  • We clean and cleanse our bodies on a daily basis, our energies also need a chance to be cleaned and cleared.

“We want 100% of life force – that’s the real secret behind wellness and success with any career, business, purpose work, vision, or endeavor.”  Marlene Allen

Resources From Marlene Allen:

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  • Vitality Rejuvenation
  • Midlife Makeover
  • Adrenals Makeover


Connect with Marlene Allen:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MidNEWLife/


About Marlene Allen:

Marlene Allen. She is a Master Quantum Activator,
(this is like Energy Healing on Steroids!)

Through a midlife transition that was a full-blown crisis complete with every symptom in the book, Marlene was faced with a choice. She could accept

her current conditions as her fate or she could embrace the innate gifts that she had never really been able to explain or apply.

After years of research, course-work, training and case studies Marlene came to understand her gift and transform these learnings to apply them not only her own healing but in service to others as well. Her clients rave about the results in their personal and professional life from mastering their memory, mindset, marriage, and menopause through these Quantum Activations.

Yes, her specialty is Midlife Makeovers for women 40+ using Quantum Activations. However, her suite of healing programs and packages includes resources for any Entrepreneur seeking to live their Optimal Life Now.

Due to her curiosity and that Entrepreneurial gene to want everything yesterday… She also discovered how to speed it up the healing process, and make it remarkably easy, pain and symptom-free, working virtually with clients across the world.

Eventually, all the pieces made perfect sense and she finally cracked the code!
Now anyone can benefit from a thorough body, mind and spirit makeover…To Turn their Mid-Life into an exciting NEW-Life!


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