Play To Win Podcast EP21 Brenda Jacobson: Navigating Chaos! Debunking the Half-Brain Myth.

In this episode, Yvonne and Brenda discuss:

  • Brenda personal journey and how she discovered and created YouEQ.
  • What emotional intelligence is and why it is so critical.
  • Building relationships with proper emotional intelligence.
  • The 5 points of corrective complex and moving into collaborative change.
  • What empathy is and is not.

Key Takeaways:

  • With an emotional block, it’s impossible to stick through a program, whether it’s spiritual, workout, nutritional, or financial.
  • In getting thoughts out of our head and into the world has power, and it utilizes the power of the verbal word.
  • If you don’t acknowledge your emotions and take conscious control of them, then they are going to run you.”
  • Having emotionally intelligent conversations with others and with yourself will empower each of those relationships.

There is psychological safety in playing a game. “ Brenda Jacobson


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Brenda Jacobson:

Reflecting on her 5-year recovery from a major accident, Brenda realized that she could have reduced this time by several years if she only knew then how important emotions were to succeed in all realms of life. After leaving a career in corporate finance and business strategy, Brenda re-purposed her skills to create a FUN, FAST, EFFECTIVE way for people of all ages to develop emotional intelligence skills. Through card games, integrating brain science with game dynamics, the YouEQ platform optimizes the learning and retention centers and trains the brain to use these techniques as a habit—ongoing, without having to consciously think about it. This is the ultimate state of emotional intelligence.


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