Play To Win Podcast EP20 Melodee Meyer: $uite Leverage! Packaging Your Passion to Monetize Your Message.

In this episode, Yvonne and Melodee discuss:

  • How Melodee found the strength within after personal tragedy.
  • Being an expert versus being a master.        
  • The losing game that is the Thought Leader Lottery.
  • Discovering your mission and becoming your own missionary.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mastery is a practice, a journey. It’s not about the destination.
  • People really do want to make a difference, but it takes more than just hope – you have to take action.
  • Failure isn’t a bad thing. Failure is what allows you to learn and fine tune what needs to be done.
  • Finding the thing that makes you mad, sad, bad, or glad to find what compels you.
  • You can do your mission, your play, no matter what your job is, where you are, and what you’re doing.

“Being a master is about going back to the mundane and making that something special. Taking the ordinary and turning that into something beautiful. Mastery is a meditation of an expression of a part of yourself that is completely grounded and needs nothing else.” Melodee Meyer


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About Melodee Meyer: Melodee Meyer aka Master Mel is an international bestselling author, speaker, radio host and mentor who empowers passionate entrepreneurs to make a positive difference in the world and create a business and lifestyle they love.

Overcoming challenges in her own life including bullying, domestic violence and life as a single mom, Master Mel uses her expertise in martial arts, psychology, health, leadership and business to work with mission-driven individuals and organizations who are ready for the next level of mastery in their lives.

Melodee received her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology and is a 6th Dan Black Belt recently inducted into the Karate Union Hall of Fame. She developed the award-winning fitness program, Kickboxers Ultimate Training (, is the creator of Clean KUT Nutrition ( and founder of Ultimate Bestseller Formula.

Melodee loves to cook, eat and take pictures of food. (Yes, she’s obsessed.) She also loves to livestream, write, teach, and play at Martial Arts Family Fitness, a center she owns with her family in Santa Barbara, CA.


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