EP18 Mona Tenjo: Be Like Bamboo! Setting Solid Foundations for Maximum Growth.

In this episode, Yvonne and Mona discuss:

  • Mona’s strategic journey to where she has gotten today.
  • Building a solid business foundation.
  • What is possible when you plan for growth.
  • The power of respect.


Key Takeaways:

  • Happiness comes from within, not from external sources.
  • Cornerstones for your growth foundation: strategy, resources, systems, and mindset.
  • It is always possible, it’s just a matter of what you think.
  • A business foundation means you create yourself an environment that is capable to realize your vision in the long term


“Play to learn, learn to grow, and grow to win.”  Mona Tenjo


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About Mona Tenjo: Mona Tenjo is the creator of RespectStrategy, a strategic management consultancy that specialized in enabling entrepreneurs to grow their business to the next level. RespectStrategy is focused on helping entrepreneurs creating a solid foundation, prepare and plan for growth, grow without feeling overwhelmed and give guidance to achieve unique goals.

It’s Mona’s specialty to identify critical success factors, create multi-step processes, set up the necessary platforms and train the brand representatives and founders to be, think and operate with their company vision in mind. She creates businesses that are set up for success and guarantees the successful transition of knowledge into action and results through trainings, online courses, workshops and hands-on implementation support for executive management.

During more than 15 years in international business, Mona has given guidance and solutions to small ventures, multinational corporations, solopreneurs and freelancers, to help them grow and succeed.


Connect with Mona Tenjo:

Facebook: Mona Tenjo

Website: RespectStrategy.com

Instagram: @respectstrategy

LinkedIn: Mona Tenjo


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