Play To Win Podcast EP14 Rachel Klewicki: Billionaire Secret to Prevent Decision Fatigue.

In this episode, Yvonne and Rachel discuss:

  • How applying the science of identity to style and fashion subliminally impacts your personal and professional life.
  • Why your clothes are one of the #1 sources of decision fatigue and how to eliminate it once and for all.
  • Strategies to remove the struggle and preserve your energy by understanding the rules of the game of getting dressed.
  • How awareness and connection with yourself to stress-dressing into play and fulfillment.  
  • Components of style that allow you to instantly connect with your clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scientific studies show that too many choices lead to stress and dissatisfaction.
  • Becoming self-aware and connecting with yourself is key to style.
  • Know the rules, prioritize your image and plan ahead to optimize your daily confidence, joy, and satisfaction.
  • Learning how to balance the visual effect for your body makes dressing and shopping fast, effortless and tons more fun!


The complete Metamorphosis Makeover is five steps:

  1. Style Profile
  2. Closet Cleanse
  3. Personal Shopping
  4. Life Styling
  5. Digital Wardrobe Catalogue

“I think style should be your time to express and enjoy, and not work and struggle and think and cobble together… that’s MY job!” — Rachel Klewicki


Resources for Vitality Nation:

Get back in touch with YOU! Gain confidence in learning to dress for your best assets, both body and spirit with the Style Profile.

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Over 2 hours, Rachel will help you…
⦁ Connect your signature style to your best personality traits
⦁ Discover which colors complement your features (I sample your unique pigments – never using a predetermined season or type)
⦁ Reconnect with your figure and finally learn to flatter the body you have
⦁ Reveal the ideal garment measurements to make you look taller, thinner, and more balanced no matter what your size
⦁ Identify key details that will attract synergistic relationships in your life

About Rachel Klewicki:

Rachel Klewicki is a California Native harboring a lifelong obsession with style or rather the relationship between style and identity she earned her degree in cultural ethnology from UCLA in 2006 studying various mechanisms of self-representation across cultures. 

After graduating UCLA, she continued to learn about real-world high-stakes style as a designer stylist for Nordstrom in West LA

In 2001, She founded subliminal. As a way to reconnect professionals with influential power of clothing.


Connect with Rachel Klewicki:    

Facebook: @SubliminalStyle



Youtube: @RachelKlewicki


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