Play To Win Podcast EP13 Jeff Mask: Trust Me! Boost Social Proof, Traffic, & Sales to Reclaim Your Sanity.

In this episode, Yvonne and Jeff discuss:

-The authentic ‘why’ behind someone’s business.

-Letting go of fear to transform your excellence.

-The key to happiness and how to find it in service to others.

-How to help small businesses find their ‘Why’.

-The way social media organization improves time and personal fulfillment.

Key Takeaways:

-Life is a beautiful journey and play shapes our expression of joy.

– You have your own strengths that are unique to you and your life.

– Look for solutions to your business that improve your personal life quality and happiness.

-Peace of mind enables you to be your better self.


“If it doesn’t generate value it’s only a matter of time before your business model collapses.”

– Jeff Mask


Resources for Vitality Nation:

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Jeff Mask’s “SECRET” for mastering the “IMPOSSIBLE”

“It’s all about people. Caring about them. Putting their needs above your own. Inspiring them to do more. And just being a good person. It sounds cliche, but it’s the truth. When we can all unite with this mindset, ‘impossible’ simply becomes possible.”

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