Play To Win Podcast EP11 Ben Kamp: Simplify Online. Impact the World!

Ben Kamp: Simplify Online. Impact the World!

In this episode, Yvonne and Ben discuss:

·        The benefits of technology in play.

·        Simplification for time management.

·        Getting out to live your purpose!

·        Discovering your platforms to connect with people.

·        The joy in education.


Key Takeaways:

·        Digital strategy opens doors to connecting with all kinds of people.

·        How we manage time and use time shapes our enjoyment in processes.

·        Simplifying helps you to understand how to use your time most effectively.

·        Integrating the right kind of technology can save you’re a large amount of time.

“It’s all about people.” — Ben Kamp

Resources for Vitality Nation:


Book: “Simplify Online: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Technology and Marketing”



About Ben Kamp:


Ben Kamp is the author of “Simplify Online: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Technology and Marketing” and co-founder of Worth it Living, an organization that empowers individuals to live their purpose. As a developer and digital advisor Ben has seen too many dreams limited by overly complicated solutions as well as the intimidation of technology. While larger companies have a CTO to lead their digital strategy most entrepreneurs are left to figure it out themselves, hopping from one consultant to another. Ben shows Entrepreneurs how we can finally beat the overwhelm of technology and marketing by focusing on what really matters.


That’s why Ben created as a collection of resources and courses for Entrepreneurs. In addition to this, Ben also runs where he offers on-demand CTO services to SME businesses. He is the author of“Simplify Online: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Technology and Marketing”.


Connect with Ben Kamp:


Website: Ben Kamp

Website: Must Simplify


Connect with Yvonne L. Larson:

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