Get the most “bang for your buck” with our prepaid packages & monthly subscription options!

Please note, some screenshots in this video are out of date. The prices reflected below are the most up-to-date.

Lock in our lowest available rates by buying in bulk or joining the Optimal Life Program, our Premier One-a-Month Club. And here’s the great news: your sessions NEVER expire!

Prepaid Packages
You could save hundreds by prepaying for 3, 6, or 12 sessions! Use them all for yourself – or you may gift some or all to a friend or loved one! Lock in our lowest rates without committing to a subscription.

OLP Subscription (AKA The Premier One-a-Month Club)
Get our best rate without prepaying by signing up for our Optimal Life Program! Get the VIP treatment and make self-care a no-brainer by auto-paying on the first of each month. Don’t let the name fool you! You can always purchase additional sessions at the same low rate. Consider it a thank-you for subscribing!

Going out of town for a month? No worries – just don’t forget to send us a postcard! Your sessions will simply “roll over” until you’re ready. (You’ve heard of roll-over minutes? Same idea!) And if you need to cancel or temporarily freeze your subscription, simply let us know 30 days in advance – but, gosh, we’ll sure miss you!!

Massage Type
Brain Activator
Upper Body
Full Body
Luxury Full Body
1 Session $ 65 $ 115 $ 165 $ 215
3-Session Prepay $ 180 ($60 ea.)
($15 off!)
$ 315 ($105 ea.)
($30 off!)
$ 450 ($150 ea.)
($45 off!)
$ 600 ($200 ea.)
($45 off!)
6-Session Prepay $ 330 ($55 ea.)
($60 off!)
$ 570 ($95 ea.)
($120 off!)
$ 810 ($135 ea.)
($180 off!)
$1,110 ($185 ea.)
($180 off!)
12-Session Prepay $ 600 ($50 ea.)
($180 off!)
$1,020 ($85 ea.)
($360 off!)
$1,440 ($120 ea.)
($540 off!)
$2,040 ($170 ea.)
($540 off!)
OLP* Subscription $ 45
($20 off per sesssion!)
$ 85
($30 off per session!)
$ 120
($45 off per session!)
$ 170
($45 off per session!)

*OLP = Optimal Life Program (see details above).

The prices listed above are only available for sessions booked at our office locations.
To view our prepaid and subscription options for outcall services, please click here.