How You Can Master Your Migraines!

My head is about to explode and I’m about to lose my mind! We’ve all been there. You CAN reduce, prevent and cure your that head-splitting pain. How? Learn your migraine triggers and create a plan of action. The pain of a migraine creeps in when our priorities get out of whack we stop thinking about our health. You are probably racking your brain trying to figure out how you can balance prioritizing your self-care and health with your never-ending to-do-list.

I assure you that it’s possible. If you do a little research and a little planning in advance you can have a plan in place to master your migraines.


Migraine Triggers: How to Reduce the Frequency or Intensity of Your Migraines

I’ve learned a lot from my clients about migraine triggers in the 20 years of doing my Neck Restoration Treatments.  I ask a lot of questions and over the years I’ve accumulated quite a list of causes. You must track what causes your migraines to manage, reduce or eliminate them. You can devise a plan of action for the future from knowing what things lead to your migraines. If you want to start mastering your migraines you can download this beautifully designed Migraine Trigger Checklist!


Migraine Triggers: How to Prevent Your Migraines in Advance

The information from your migraine checklist will give you a headstart in designing your prevention plan.

  • Optimize foods that nourish you and with what frequency you should eat to keep your blood sugar and energy levels balanced.
  • Discover what environments drain you or energize you.
  • Minimize the negative impact caffeine and alcohol have on you.
  • Adjust your sleep habits and patterns to allow for maximum rejuvenation and regeneration.
  • Be fully hydrated for your body’s needs.
  • Engage in the best types, intensity, duration, and consistency of exercise for you.
  • Eliminate your mental, emotional and spiritual stress by including nurturing activities in your lifestyle  (such as MASSAGE, lol)


Migraine Triggers: How to Cure the Pain Migraine Triggers

You have many years of wear and tear and your body. Popping that pain pill may give you immediate relief. It will not solve the problem long-term. Continuous use of pain pills just prolongs the underlying issue. For those times your migraine prevention plan doesn’t seem to be working or you forget to follow it and need a quick cure, massage is a very reliable solution.

A huge contributor of migraines is constricted blood flow to your brain. Releasing the tight, knotted, and congested muscles in the neck and along the occipital ridge of the skull will dissolve the excessive pressure. Releasing the full supply of blood to your head oxygenates and nourishes your brain.

What happens when you follow your migraine prevention plan meticulously and you still get a splitting headache? There could be an entirely different cause for the condition. You may be dealing with something on an unconscious level mentally, emotionally or spiritually. My massage technique includes emotional bodywork, NLP, and hypnotherapy to detect and release these hidden causes of migraines.




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