How are you enjoying my top ten tips for balancing your business and your body? I’m so passionate about empowering amazing individuals like you to live your best life, enjoy your best work, and experience your best health – all at the same time with my purposeful and passion-driven tips for sustaining your vitality and enjoying your success.

Let’s get to today’s tip, shall we?

When it comes to business, you’re easily driven by purpose and passion to excel. So why aren’t you achieving the same results in a balanced lifestyle?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…  until you balance your business AND your body, you cannot enjoy – and you will not experience –  sustainable success.

So how do you create this sustainable success in your health and wellness? It might sound counter intuitive, but here we go. It’s time to PARTY!

Did you just hear a record scratch in your mind? (As in, WHAT?!)

What I actually mean is that your immediate goal today is to celebrate ALL your successes – in work, in your well being, in your relationships.

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And then set pre-determined rewards, both small and large – that acknowledge your DAILY activities as milestones toward your ultimate health goals.

If you do not see and celebrate your progress, you may just experience burnout BEFORE balance.

On a subconscious level, consistent recognition plays an effective role in living a balanced lifestyle because it serves to counteract the negative tendencies of our subconscious mind.  Our subconscious mind feeds off of what is incomplete (a.k.a. still To Do on your To Do list) which diminishes our passion and inspiration.  So uplevel your thoughts by celebrating even the tiniest of successes EVERY SINGLE DAY!

What are you seeing and celebrating today? And HOW are you celebrating?Post a comment below and/or connect and share with me on Facebook here.