Personal trainers, private pilates instruction, and expensive gym memberships are great when your business is both purposeful and profitable. But what about when you’re on the journey to more purposeful profitability? How do you avoid over-investing in your health and fitness – and still get rock star results like you’ve got Tracy Anderson (Gwyneth’s personal trainer + guru) on speed dial?

In today’s tip for Balancing Your Business and Your Body, I’m solving the mystery for reaching your health goals while investing the least amount of time and money.

Ready? Budget your resources.

Before you click away at the word budget, hear me out. And watch todays video tip here

Just like you do in your business, your goal when investing in your health and fitness is to invest your time and money where it will produce the highest impact results.  My favorite example of this is choosing a more challenging and rigorous workout by running sand outside at the beach FOR FREE rather than paying to run on the less challenging surface of a treadmill gym.  This is only one example – and I have many more resource saving, results producing activities to share with you, including…

  1. Go for a 30 minute run instead of an hour walk
  2. Strap on leg weights when you opt for a walk
  3. Opt for hot yoga vs. relaxing yoga
  4. Enroll in a group boot camp class instead of a private trainer
  5. Cardio-charge your pilates with a Jump Board class on the reformer instead of a mat class

The results speak for themselves! And… you avoid common excuses like I don’t have time or I’ll do it tomorrow.

How are you supercharging your results with shorter, more effective workouts? Post a comment below and/or connect and share with me on Facebook here.