As a successful entrepreneur, you set your goals high – for your business, your personal life, AND your health. But with so many responsibilities, how do you ensure success in business without selling out on your health goals?

Today’s tip for Balancing Your Business and Your Body focuses on creating a Healthy Schedule. Watch it here…

Just as you schedule doctor’s appointments, time with clients, and your trips to the salon, you’ll want to schedule your exercise time on your calendar with the same level of priority.

Even on your busiest days, you can make time for stretching, doing 5 jumping jacks, or rolling on a foam roller every time you break for the restroom throughout your work day.

Once you start scheduling this activity time like you schedule client time, you now have a success plan in action. The results? You’ll maintain your good health and move towards your better health and fitness goals in no time.

What healthy activities are you scheduling on your calendar this week?Post a comment below and/or connect and share with me on Facebook here.