With the picture of perfect health constantly being shoved down our throats, how can we take control and CHOOSE what perfect health means to us as an individual?

In today’s tip for Balancing Your Business and Your Body, I’m revealing the most precise path to achieving your ideal health.

The truth is, perfect health isn’t a one-size-fits-all definition. It’s unique to YOU. And only when you get clear about what YOUR vision of perfect health looks like can you create a daily action plan to achieve it and maintain it.

Today, it’s time to create the vision of what perfect health looks and feels like for YOU.

Start by watching my video tip here

And then ask yourself…

Why is this so important in your journey of balancing your body and your business?

Because perfection is unrealistic. We’re not all born or built to be a size 2, zero body fat, kick boxing, yoga-bending, Pilates-perfect machine.

Today, release any/all of the unattainable goals you’ve been buying into thanks to the media. By creating YOUR ideal picture of health, your goals become realistic and empowering for you.

This is the key to reaching and maintaining any goal – for body or business. Setting realistic goals that EXCITE you.

So go ahead. What’s YOUR vision of perfect health? Post a comment below and/or connect and share with me on Facebook here.