Be honest. Have you pushed through a body ache or pain in the name of meeting a deadline?

Do you know you should take short breaks throughout your day to stretch and re-energize your body…  only to sit at your computer for more hours than you care to admit?

You’re not alone. As The Neck Work Expert, many of my clients come to me with chronic neck, shoulder, and upper back issues that tell me more than my clients do about how they spend their days – on the computer!

Today’s tip for Balancing Your Business and Your Body is this. It’s time to explore your boundaries!

What do boundaries have to do with your body and your business? Watch todays video

When you look at how you spend your time (are you on your computer, tablet, and smart phone all day and night?), what your body’s doing in that time (sitting vs. standing, leaning forward vs. elevating your posture), and how that’s affecting your body’s strength – or weakening it – THEN you have enough information to create a Change Plan.

Your Change Plan allows you to better manage your time, better utilize your energy, and more effectively delegate what you DON’T need to be doing in your business.

When you explore your boundaries in your business, you see clearly how your behaviors affect your body. You also reconnect to what drives you AND what drives you into the ground. This allows you to create a more effective and efficient plan for your daily work and play life.

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