Can you believe it? We’ve reached the finish line so to speak. This blog marks my final of 10 tips for balancing your business and your body.

Have you been implementing each of my tips? If so, how are you feeling? If not, HOW ARE YOU FEELING?

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Today’s tip perfectly aligns with the question I just asked. So be sure to re-read the question and answer it – for yourself and also share it with me.

How are you FEELING?

As The Neck Work Expert, my clients are often like me – true “Type-A” personalities. Like my clients, you may find that your love for work restores you and you see no benefit or use for “me-time.”

And because your work fires you up, why should YOU make time for Me-Time? Because how else will you receive the gift of reflection?

When you schedule in time for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation for reflection time, you create the environment for inspiration.

In doing so, you create a domino effect, allowing you to momentarily get your head out of your work and into feeling your body.

From this space, new ideas and opportunities are born. By allowing yourself a “time out” you get more tuned in. What naturally follows? Better health, less stress, more delegation, and decreased exhaustion.

For more on the benefits of Reflection Time, watch todays video >>

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