As The Neck Work Expert, a master massage therapist, and a business owner for more than 20 years, I can tell you that the #1 key to sustainable success is to treat your body with as much care and concern as you do your business bottom line.

Because – let’s face it – your success in business is nothing without the vitality to enjoy it. Which is why I’m on a mission to teach entrepreneurs around the world exactly how to balance your body and your business – without ever experiencing burn out! In this blog series on balancing your business and your body, you’ll discover ten powerful ways to align your purpose, passion, and profits.

Just as you need consistent cash flow to fund your business and life, you need to feel good in your body to ENJOY your hard earned income and personally designed lifestyle.

The truth is, without your healthy body, you don’t have a hearty business. So let’s get you in tune and aligned, shall we?

Let’s talk about HOW to get in tune and stay aligned.

The #1 secret for living a healthy balanced life is pretty simple – – keep a journal.

Now before you write this tip off as something you don’t have time for… remember this. These tips are intended to balance your body and your business. And what BETTER way to balance both than by tracking how you feel on a daily basis in a journal?

When you journal how you’re feeling, your sleep patterns, your nutrition and personal your fitness activities day-to-day, you’re able to track behaviors that are healthy – as well as ones that aren’t so great for you – and determine a course of action for rebalancing.

Watch this short video on why I find journaling such a vital key to your success

As I share in the video, journaling allows you to honestly assess your current level of health and determine if you are staying true to yourself – honoring the commitments YOU created for yourself to live a healthy, vital and joyfully successful life.

If you don’t already keep a journal, go out and buy yourself a beautiful one today. Create time on your calendar to journal daily. And commit to honoring yourself with this simple act of attunement.

I’m so excited to hear what journaling reveals for you! Post a comment below and/or connect and share with me on Facebook here.